Leukol Capsule

Here we introduce one of the most prestigious herbal products for your skin. It’s herbal Leukol Capsule. This wonderful herb is one of the most powerful herbal supplements that are useful in curing almost all kind of skin related problems. The researchers have suggested that Leukol Capsule is very effective in treating problems like vitiligo, white patches, leucoderma, unevenly shady skin, skin patches, dark spots etc. as this herb is powered by various herbs, this herb is supposed to cast no side effects on the body and also is chemical free.


Leukol Capsule Benefit :
  • Initial results within 6 – 8 weeks
  • Helps to start re-pigmentation over white patches immediately
  • Helps to control spreading
  • Helps to increase the re-pigmentation rate
  • Accelerates the process towards faster cure
  • Helps in faster healing of a white patch