Leucol Plus Cream


Leucol Plus Cream is a medicated cream for external use only, particularly in Leucoderma including Reddish or White Patches on any part of the body due to the Deficiency of Pigment. Whiteness is generally caused where there is less deposition of pigment on the skin.
Leucol Plus Cream is a herbal preparation to treat skin pigmentation disorders, acquired white patches, vitiligo, and leucoderma. The re-pigmenting formula that acts from deep within to treat pigmentation problems naturally and safely.

Indications of Leucol Plus Cream :

  • Vitiligo.
  • Leucoderma (white patches).
  • To prevent and treat skin pigmentation.
Benefits :

(1) Stimulates melanogenesis.
(2) Promotes transfer of melanin to the skin.
(3) Helps in Conjunction with UV therapy. melanogenesis, melanin, skin colour, skin patches, Vitiligo, Leucoderma, white patches


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