Youngene Hair Oil


Amla, the richest natural source of Vitamin C, has been used for centuries by women as a source of nourishment for their hair, skin and body. Youngene Hair Oil is a combination of select herbs that provide all the nourishment your hair needs to become silky and luxuriant. Amla has a predominant position in the ancient texts on herbal preparations. A fine blend of pure oils, with the pleasant perfume of Amla, Youngene Hair Oil is the right nourishment for your hair and scalp. Regular usage is the secret of beautiful hair admired and envied by millions. Youngene Hair Oil has Amla & other herbs extracts for strong hairs. It strengthens hair right from the roots, making it long, thick and black.

Youngene Hair Oil

Features :

  • It enhances hair growth.
  • Youngene Hair Oil making them strong inside and beautiful outside.
  • The effect is last all day long.
  • It provides healthy, lustrous hair without much pain.
  • It minimizes the hair loss problem.
  • It control dandruff and provide you best looking hair.
  • It provides long beautiful and nourished hair.
  • Youngene Hair Oil keep the hair strong and long.

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