Face Care Products
Hashmi Cucumber Skin Toner

Hashmi Herbal Cucumber Skin Toner cum Astringent refreshes & tones skin without stripping natural oils. This toner encourages cell regeneration & soothes any irritation. It increases skin’s ability to retain moisture, removes excess oils & helps to minimize enlarged pores to leave skin clean and clear. It has cucumber and aloe Vera which is very good for the skin. It has helped with open pores.

Packaging : 100 ml & 200 ml.


Hashmi Herbal Strawberry Face Wash

Hashmi Herbal Strawberry Face Wash has a unique formulation rich in strawberry extracts, this face wash returns luster to the skin. It works effectively on rough skin, gently exfoliating the dead skin and impurities, leaving the skin visibly clear, radiant and flower fresh.

Packaging : 50 ml & 100 ml.


Hashmi Neem and Long Pepper Anti Acne Pimple Cream

Hashmi Neem and Long Pepper Anti Acne Pimple cream is the result of an extensive research based on naturotherapy to help control and cure acne. This effective formula contains neem, long pepper with precious herbal extracts which help clear acne and prevent future breakout. This cream will help you achieve a clear and fair complexion.

Packaging : 50 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Sandal Safroon & Honey Anti Ageing Face mask

A blend of Ayurvedic powders with Sandal, Saffron and Honey. This Hashmi Herbal Sandal Saffron & Honey Anti Ageing Face Mask has power re-affirming, tightening and lifting actions. Regular use gives the skin lasting firmness and resilience, leaving your face looking much younger and radiant.

Packaging : 100 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Rose Skin Toner

Hashmi Herbal Rose Skin Toner is ideal for normal to dry skin. Rose toner has ingredients that include rose petals, sage, lemon grass, chamomile, and colours derived from natural sources. It greatly helps to normalize pH balance of skin, increases skin’s ability to retain moisture, and removes excess oil. Rose skin toner aids in reducing enlarged pores on the skin & leaves skin looking clean and clear. It helps to make skin visibly glowing and fairer.

Packaging : 100 ml & 200 ml.


Hashmi Herbal Anti Pigmentation-Blemish Face Mask

None of us like to have blemished skin. Your skin problems will now be forgotten with the Hashmi Herbal Anti Pigmentation-Blemish Cream. This skin correction cream can work well on dry, normal, oil-prone and combination skin types.

Packaging : 50 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Anti Pollution cream

Hashmi Herbal Anti Pollution cream gives your skin a refreshing dose of moisture with plant extracts and essential oils, skin will be deeply hydrated as well as protected from environmental damage. Save skin from harmful effects of Pollution.

Packaging : 50 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Apple & Vera Massage Gel

Hashmi Herbal Apple & Vera massage gel has been specially developed for oily skin which will provide requisite moisture balance to the skin. An excellent natural recipe to improve skin texture and making it visibly fairer and radiant.

It helps in providing moisture balance

Packaging : 100 ml & 200 ml.