Face Care Products
Hashmi Herbal Grapes Face Wash

A unique face wash developed scientifically using precious herbs with natural Vitamin E which deep cleanses the skin, makes skin glow and visibly fairer. It also removes excessive oil from the skin without disturbing the natural balance of the skin. This helps to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, provided requisite moisture, recommended for all skin types.

Packaging : 50 ml & 100 ml.


Hashmi Herbals Face Pack

Hashmi Herbal Face Pack act gently to rejuvenate your skin. Gives over-stressed skin a new vitality and healthy radiance, firming, nourishing, hydrating and soothing, this pack is perfect for your skin’s weekly preparing specially for mature skin.

Packaging : 100 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Gold maximum Moisturizer

Hashmi Herbal Gold maximum Moisturizer contains pure gold leaves along with precious botanicals and essential oils, which helps to restore the moisture balance to the skin and improves skin’s elasticity. This moisturizer will saturate each and every skin cell with much needed nutrients, preventing dry and dehydrated skin . This moisturizer is designed to help reduce the appearance of expression lines, relax wrinkles and restore softness, smoothness and radiance. This unique moisturizer helps make those tiny dry areas disappear without making your skin feel oily, giving it a rested and youthful look.


Hashmi Herbal Clay Pack

Hashmi Herbal Clay Pack contains exotic blend of imported clay and wild fruits along with Multani Mitti, Calamine, Liquorice, Arbutin and other herbal extracts, which have been specially blended to help control production of melanin and make skin visibly fairer.

Packaging : 100 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Rejuvenating Fruit Facial Face Pack

Get fruit power to acquire a beautiful and flawless skin, with Hashmi Herbal Rejuvenating Fruit Face Pack. If your skin is suffering from the age old problems like acne, pimples, blemishes and wrinkles, this anti pigmentation face pack will reduce all that and give you a flawless look and lighten your skin tone.

Packaging : 100 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Saffron Fairness Cream

Hashmi Herbal Saffron Fairness Cream helps to reduce melanin for fair and glowing skin and protect the skin from harmful effect of UVA and UVB rays. Best formula for skin makes it fairer and glow.

Packaging : 50 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Sandalwood Protection day cream

Hashmi Herbal Sandalwood Protection day cream is an advanced day cream formulated with Sandalwood oil, Almond oil and other precious herbal extracts, which protect the skin from harmful radiations It also maintains the moisture balance of skin and improves the skin complexion, making it fairer, smoother and vibrant.
Packaging : 50 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Avocado Revitalizing Night Cream

Hashmi Herbal Avocado Revitalizing Night Cream enhances the blood circulation for greater oxygenation to the skin extremities, invigorates facial skin as well as tones your skin. It increases the blood circulation that makes your skin younger, healthier and cleaner.

Packaging : 50 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Vitamin-E Face Massage Cream

It contains precious herbs along with vitamin E that restores a smooth radiance & collagen elasticity to the skin. It helps in cell renewal process and improves skin’s firmness, leaving skin radiant & luminous. Recommended for normal to dry and dry skin.

Packaging : 50 gm.


Hashmi Herbal Anti Pigmentation-Blemish Cream

None of us like to have blemished skin. Your skin problems will now be forgotten with the Hashmi Herbal Anti Pigmentation-Blemish Cream. This skin correction cream can work well on dry, normal, oil-prone and combination skin types.

Packaging : 50 gm.