Punarnava Surkh Capsule

Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa Linn.)

Punarnava is a medicinal herbs and is famous for its health promoting benefits. Punarnava is used in treating obesity, improving appetite, jaundice, and general fever. The word punarnava literally means ‘renewer’ or one which renews the body as Punarnava tends to renew and revitalize the body systems. Almost all anti-obesity medications contain Punarnava as one of its ingredients. Hence is beneficial in treating obesity. It also helps to maintain effective kidney function.

Punarnava Capsule

Benefits of Punarnava Surkh :
  • Punarnava Surkh helps in weight loss
  • Punarnava Surkh promotes liver health
  • Punarnava is useful in heart disease, anemia, oedema.
  • Punarnava useful in reducing swelling and foul smelling in skin disorders.
  • Punarnava Surkh support lung function and respiratory health
  • Punarnava Surkh helps in maintaining efficient kidney functions
  • Punarnava Surkh helps in toning of Urinary Tract and maintains health of the urinary tract
  • Punarnava Surkh supports the body’s natural ability to expel fluids and prevents water retention