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Herbal MedicineHashmi Unani Pharmacy – A Leader in the Herbal Suppliers Industry Offering Supplement Capsules, Medicated Oils, Creams, Shampoos and Powders.
Hashmi Unani Pharmacy, a GMP Certified Company has been one of the leading suppliers of herbal medicines and dietary supplements in the industry since 1929 and continues to provide customers with the high-quality products they need to be successful in the vitamin and supplement industry. We offer an array of herbal and cosmetics products, including herbal medicines, sports supplements, and dietary supplements. These products, as well as our custom herbal blends, are specially formulated from the best raw materials available, and are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility. This facility features high-tech equipment that allows us to produce large amounts of uniform capsules, powders, creams, ointments, oils and shampoos.
Hashmi Unani Pharmacy provides people with the unmatched quality and efficiency of HERBAL -Medicines\Cosmetics\which are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions is regarded as the best herbal medicine manufacture in the entire world. It has world class manufacturing facilities complying with the norms of GMP. Hashmi Unani Pharmacy is a trusted name in AYURVEDIC INDUSTRY of producing the herbal medicines and have maintained a good reputation of producing the products made from the finest herbs for its customers. We take the extra step of selecting the highest quality ingredients or the “sweet spot” of a plant or fruit which according to our scientific team yields more effective results. Our team of scientists, doctors and workforce together take pride in delivering both safe and effective products.

The Proprietor and head of our Research and Development team, Dr. Hashmi has developed new formulations sourced from ancient herbal medical knowledge using modern techniques. We provide complete Herbal Medicines and Products, right from Branding to manufactuing the best quality product for you. Benefit from our long experience and accumulated pharmacy excellence count on us for any of your medical needs.