Male enlargement for increased sensitivity, confidence and virility

Penis enlargement, also known as male enhancement refers to methodologies, medications and techniques that intend to increase the length, girth and hardness of the penis. Manual exercises, pills and stretching devices are used by people for male enhancement and to treat erectile dysfunction.

Manual exercises.

Penis enlargement exercise is known as Jelqing. It involves hand-over-hand rolling motion that induces enhanced blood flow in the penis, causing more stretching of muscles that helps in enlargement to an extent. However, if the exercise is not done in proper manner or overdone, it can result in disfigurement and scar formation, or desensitization of penis in some cases. There are no conclusive medical studies that prove that jelqing results in permanent enlargement of penis.

Enlargement devices.

Vacuum pump, more commonly known as Penis Pump is a device that is used to mechanically treat erectile dysfunction. It may cause some statistically insignificant enlargement temporarily, however it can actually cause vascular damage if overused and may also cause some erectile problems for you.

Stretcher or Extender is another penis enlargement device. It exerts traction on the penis that may result in an increase of half to almost an inch. However, one needs to use the device for hours every day that may cause pain and the person may feel uncomfortable too. There are no authoritative studies that suggest that the device can cause permanent enlargement.

Cock rings

Cock ring is a constricting device that restricts the blood flow out of the erect penis to keep it hard for longer. It is used at the base of the penis and may cause permanent catastrophic damage to the organ. Metal clamping is dangerous as the removal of the ring may become impossible without sawing or amputation.

Structure of human penis

Penis does not contain any bone. It is largely composed of muscles and consists of tissues in three columns. Both urine and sperm flow out of the penis from an opening called urethra. A pair of testicles produces and stores sperms that are released during intercourse. Erection of penis depends on the inflow of blood in it. More inflow results in harder erection.

When aroused, brain releases male sex hormones that increase the blood flow into penis. When erectile tissue (corpora cavemosa) is fully filled with blood, erection occurs and the penis becomes hard enough for penetration.

Pills with natural and harmless ingredients

Natural penis enhancement pills like Sikandar-e-azam Plus Capsules are made with herbal ingredients that increase the blood flow into penis in natural way. The pills contain right combination of potent herbal ingredients that have long been known to be effective in increasing virility and stamina in men. Such pills improve your sexual sensitivity by reviving the supply of vital nutrients. These are best alternative to the desperate surgeries that may not yield desired results in the end. The pills contain natural extracts that help you get a fuller, stronger and thicker enlargement.

Benefits of using herbal pills

Help increase penis length and girth
Increase stamina and libido
Relatively long last results
Less recovery time between sexual sessions
No side effects
Medical prescription not required for healthy individuals

However, individuals suffering from heart ailments should consult doctor before taking any pills for male enhancements.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus Willd.)

Satawar (Shatavari) is a pure herb extract. Satawar is considered to be the most helpful herb for women as it helps in balancing the female hormonal system. The main herbal rejuvenative for women, Satawar nourishes and cleanses the blood and the female reproductive organs thus supporting the body’s natural fertility. It nourishes the womb and ovum and supports the female organs for pregnancy. It also promotes body’s natural lactation. Satawar contains phyto-estrogens, the precursors of estrogen and is very useful for women who suffer from low natural estrogen levels as a result of menopause, hysterectomies or oophorectomies.

Satawar Capsule

Benefits of Satawar :
  • Satawar also increases libido.
  • Satawar maintains healthy hormonal balance.
  • Used in India as a best-known and most often-used herb for women.
  • Satawar supports normal funcion of the immune and digestive system.
  • Satawar supports normal production of breast milk for nursing mothers.
  • Satawar supports reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs.
  • Satawar treats PMS symptoms by relieving pain and controlling blood loss during menstruation.

Konch (Mucuna pruriens Baker.)

Konch (Kapikachu) is known for its powerful effects in increasing the sperm count, condition of oligospermia, and is very effective in supporting a female in regularizing her ovarian cycle. It helps in overcoming male and female sterility problems and helps in continuation of the progeny. As it is a powerful nervine tonic, it acts as a powerful neurotransmitter. This action of Konch occurs because of presence of L-Dopa. It is very helpful in erectile dysfunction condition also.

Konch Capsule

Indications of Konch (kapikachhu)
  • Low sperm count.
  • Sterility in both men and women.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Nervine diseases.
  • Bed wetting.
  • Parkinson disease.
  • Low libido.

Gokhru Khurd (Tribulus terrestris Linn.)

Gokhru Khurd Capsule is effective in most urinary tract disorders because it promotes the flow of urine, cools and soothes the membranes of the urinary tract, and aids in the discharge of stones. It stops bleeding, strengthens kidney function, while at the same time, nourishing the kidneys. As such, it is a rejuvenative tonic for the kidneys. It also strengthens the reproductive system by increasing semen; it is invigorating to postpartum women.
Tribulus terrestris or Gokhru Khurd Capsule is a herb useful in depressed libido and erectile dysfunction.

Gokshura Capsule

Indications :
  • Dysuria (painful/ burning micturition)
  • Crystalluria (Presence of crystals in urine), Urolithiasis (Kidney stones)
  • Recurrent Urinary tract infections
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • erectile dysfunction

Asgand (Withania somnifera Dunal.)

The new Hashmi Asgand (Ashwagandha) capsules are a wonderful way to nourish and rejuvenate body tissues which help in keeping you healthy. Made from the pure extracts of Winter Cherry, these capsules are a powerful remedy for disorders and diseases like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and general debility. The core ingredient Asgand promotes the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis and works to de-stress you. The Hashmi Asgand capsules help boost your immune system by working as an immune stimulant. This leads to an overall healthy state of living with tough resistance to infections and allergies. The Asgand capsules are made without any chemicals and do not cause any side effects.


Benefits of Asgand (Ashwagandha)
  • Asgand (Ashwagandha) promotes physical fitness.
  • Asgand (Ashwagandha) relieves stress.
  • Asgand (Ashwagandha) is a strong rejuvenative.
  • Asgand (Ashwagandha) supports a normal inflammatory response.
  • Asgand (Ashwagandha) promotes sound sleep.
  • Asgand (Ashwagandha) supports brain functions.
  • Asgand (Ashwagandha) is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Body Grow Gel

We formulate and supply Body Grow Total Gel which are highly effective for gaining weight. These supplements add to our body weight, strength & stamina and thus, are widely used as health supplements for body building, weight lifting and many other sports. We offer these health supplements in 250 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg.

Energy Plus Capsule is a highly efficient herbal male sexual enhancement Capsule which helps men to increase vigor and vitality and improve energy level. This powerful male libido enhancer cures a number of problems like erectile dysfunction, low semen production, weak erection, impotence, low sperm count, infertility and premature ejaculation. Energy Plus Capsule enhance strength and stamina, boost libido and shield men from erectile dysfunction.

Energy Plus Capsule

The advantage of Energy Plus Capsule :
  • Sexuality, desire and improves performance
  • Improve the production of testosterone
  • Power and increase male sexual stamina
  • Men can last longer in bed
  • Strength, vitality, and enhance the vitality
  • Erectile dysfunction or impotence treatment
  • Weak erection and premature ejaculation correction
  • Stress, alleviate depression and insomnia
  • Improve mood and feelings of happiness
  • Strengthen the immune system

Hard Rock Capsule is a medicine used in many ways to improve a man´s sexual related issues. This could be erectile dysfunction, penile size and even to strengthen erections. This medicine is made from various herbs from around the world that assist in all these factors. The results to using this medicine are very satisfying. You not only get a a larger penis but also last longer during sex.

Hard Rock Capsule

Benefits of Hard Rock Capsule :
  • Libido enhancer.
  • Increased Endurance.
  • Increased Penis Size.
  • Increases sperm count.
  • Best Erectile dysfunction Treatment.
  • Stronger & harder erection & sex.
  • Extremely fast and efficient results.
  • Revitalize the male reproductive and hormonal systems.
  • Avert Erectile Dysfunction and achieve strong, healthy erections.

Rishi Tila (Oil) has been specially designed to rectify male sexual disorders and provide normal yet more satisfying sexual activity. Regular use of this oil eliminates impotency, premature ejaculation and penis enlargement. Rishi Tila is formulated to increase penis size and enhance erections via topical application.

enhancement oil

Benefits of Rishi Tila (Oil) :
  • Fuller, stronger and longer-lasting erections
  • Increases sensations and stimulation
  • Repairs damaged veins from over masturbation
  • Improves lovemaking performance and abilities
  • Increases blood flow to the male genitals
  • Increases sexual function and erectile capacity
  • Helps increase ejaculatory pressure
  • Helps overcome premature ejaculation

Life Enjoy Coffee is a mixture of natural herbs from Indian formula that works on the male by improving his sex drive alongside increasing the libido,it also works on strengthening the sperm cells and delaying the premature ejaculation, it gives a strong hard long lasting erection and works for up to 36 hours.

Life Enjoy Coffee

Life Enjoy Coffee can :
  • Enhance Sexual Desire in both Men and Women
  • Enlarge Penis Width and Length
  • Make Erections Harder
  • Increase Sexual Stamina
  • Prevent Erectile Impotence and Premature Ejaculation.
  • Increase Energy Levels and Reduce Fatique
  • And a better sexual experience for you & your partner!